Qairon is 5’10" tall with skin the color of of baked red brick. His long purple hair is worn in a pony tail with dark black beads woven in. His horns are long and swoop back to follow the slope of his skull, the points flare up the last 2 inches of length.

He weapon of choice is the Trikal, and he wears dessert clothing over chain mail.



From the tiny village of Thamopolus just north of Ft Thamo along the North Fork of the Estuary of the Forked Tounge. My youth was spent surrounded by the dwarves of the area, and I’ve picked up several of their tricks with weapons. I favor the two handed Trikal, but I also very good with the Carrikal and the Alhulak. The dwarves also favored me with some teaching in the Dejada, although I am less skilled with it.

Being a native Tiefling of Athas hasn’t been easy, but at least I’m not magically aligned like a lot of my brothers, I am still looked down upon by the other natives because of my demonic heritage, but I’ll show them by uncovering the truth about our world and these sorcerer kings! There is no way that Athas has always been a desert! My exploration of the ruins in the area proves otherwise!

I’ve made several unsuccessful trips to Waverly in search of the long rumored hoard of treasure under the city, but I’ve also made several successful excursions into lesser known ruins. I’ve developed an affinity for the dessert in the area and have learned to tap into the power of the elements to heal.

After one very successful excursion into a dessert run, I was ambushed by a band of slavers as I made my way to Altaruk to sell my finds, captured, robbed and apparently taken to Kled where I woke up with all of my possessions and recovered “artifacts” gone. Now, I’m apparently repaying the debts to of my “saviors” by traveling with this hodgepodge band of misfits. Our first task for new equipment and salvation from slavery, was to escort a merchant caravan to Raam.

On the trip north, we discovered a ruined tower which I just had to inspect, after all that is what I do best, “inspect” ruins. After a harrowing attack by some desert fauna, we searched the tower and found a small trove of treasure, included a new suit of bonemail which fit me perfectly!

Now we find ourselves in Raam, attempting to earn favor with a retired gladiator but rescuing his son from an unknown location in the desert…


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