Goliath Earth Warden


Sig grew up in a small tribal village in a network caves of on the Forest Ridge side of the Ringing Mountains. The man-eating halflings residing in the forest outside kept all trouble at bay, so tribal life was idyllic for the most part.

Throughout his childhood, Sig kept telling his parents that he could feel and hear Athas all the time. His parents did not like the idea of their son hearing things, and agreed to keep it a secret from the rest of the tribe. Unfortunately, it became extremely difficult for Sig to hide the fact that he was in tune with the land, as he soon discovered that he could command nature to do his bidding.

Ignorant of the various schools of magic, Sig’s parents feared that his powers would be regarded as the cursed kind. So they reluctantly cast him from the tribe before he was discovered by the other kinsmen. He barely made it to Tyr alive. Tyr seemed like a pleasant city, but was not a permanent place for someone who was trying to hide his special abilities.

One day he was walking through the streets of Tyr contemplating what he should do next. A blind man sitting on the side of the street cried out to Sig as he passed by. “As large as you may be, you are not a cursed monster. I can hear her as well: Athas, as the primal energy flows too through my veins. You are destined for greatness, young giant, and you no longer pursue it in secret. Stay the course, and you will find your purpose!”

Sig traveled with various bands of company. Merchant caravans and adventuring parties came and went, but onward and eastward he continued..


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