Character Generation

Character Creation

  • Level 8 starting xp
  • Races and Class restrictions are limited already within the Character Builder when choosing the Dark Sun campaign settings. Essentially, Divine power classes, and their multiclass feats, are not usable.
  • As there are some fairly new folks to Dark Sun, I am leaving a otherworldly background option available. Essentially, make up some background story wherein you are ripped/exhiled/banished from the world you lived upon, be it accidently/voluntary/involuntary. Essentially, you will awaken/arrive upon the sands of Athas without your possessions and are aided by folks from the nearby village of Kled. Feel free to make up towns folk who assisted you, I’ll add them to the town details.
  • 300gp worth of mundane gear, any within the Character build should work. An adventurer’s kit will swap torches for sunrods, and 2 survival days for the iron rations. A Survival Day is the simpification of what food and water is needed to survive a day on Athas.
  • The starting town is Kled.
  • Decent background stories earn a permenant +1 to a stat of your choice and a bonus feat.
  • Fixed Enhancement Bonus system – This is a feature already built into the online Character Builder. It’s under the Manage Character tab. This augments the fact that Athas is such a low magic world.

House Rules

  • In-Character roleplaying and posting of gaming session character point of view blogging into the forums earns bonuses. All bonuses may be rewarded as money, items, mounts, and/or xp during the following session.
  • Gear rarity will be in the following order: non-metal (common), mastercrafted non-metal (uncommon), metal (rare), and magical (legendary). Metal is so scarse that no Athasian character has actually seen any except in the hands of a Sorcerer-King.
  • Non-Metal/Non-Magical Weapon breakage:
    • Critical Miss – A natural attack rolls of 1 has a chance of breaking a non-metal/non-magical weapon. The player rolls again to hit the same defense score, missing again breaks the weapon.
    • Heroic Effort – A player using a non-metal/non-magical weapon can choose to automatically hit an attack roll, but this also automatically breaks the weapon.
  • Item Repair – Most mundane items can be repaired via the Make Whole ritual or an appropriate craftsman. Metal items can only be repaired via the ritual as there are no blacksmiths on Athas. During an extended rest, you can attempt to fix one broken item you possess. Also be aware that hiding the use of the Make Whole arcane ritual is extremely hard, anyone seeing it would likely recognise it as magic.

Character Generation

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