Effectively all armors are based on non-metal materials (leather, wood, bone, crystal, obsidian, etc). As the character builder is limited in this aspect, choosing the base type of an armor will presume it’s of non-metal type. Plate will be bone or carapace, scale will literally be made of scales, chainmail will be of bone or carapace, etc. As magic is extremely rare, I’ve compiled the details for all athasian masterwork armor. I’ll be using these as replacements for magic items.

Masterwork Armors

You can find a master list of all available masterwork armors here. I enabled filters so you can limit displayed items to what you’re looking for. When awarded masterwork armor, you can add it to your character within character builder with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Get Equipment tab on your character.
  2. Press the Marketplace button on the bottom left.
  3. Press the Armor button on the left.
  4. Select the proper armor type in the Category drop down.
  5. Select the proper material type in the Item drop down.
  6. Enter “magic” in the Search field to limit the list to the basic magic armors.
  7. Select the appropriate enhancement version of the armor you’ve been awarded
  8. Press the Add button on the bottom of the window.
  9. Press the Return to Inventory button on the top of the window to return to your inventory.
  10. Select the new armor from the list.
  11. Press the Customize button near the bottom.
  12. Replace the phase “Magic” with “Masterwork”.

This should add the correct item to your inventory. This does not conflict with the fixed enhancement bonus system as ‘magic’ enhancement from the item is the same bonus type used for the fixed enhancement bonus system.

Magical Armors

When these are awarded, and that will be rare, I will also specify the masterwork material of it. Effectively, you will add the item as above, but you will not change the name in the final step as it will keep it’s magical name.


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