Crodlu A large flightless drake with a beak and weak clawed forlimbs. Can be trained to make for an excellent war mount.

Inix, Mekillot, Kank, and Erdlu – in clockwise order starting with Inix on left.

  • Inix – Also claled a dune behemoth, is a long low slung reptile with bony plates on it’s back. It is strong and spirited, and will not shy away from a fight.
  • Mekillot – These large creatures serve as draft animals given their tremendous pulling strength. They are aggressive and have been known to turn on tamers.
  • Kank – These are docile insects from hives. These are the most common mounts and can be trained for riding or battle.
  • Erdlu – A small flightless drake, similar to a featherless ostrich or domesticated raptor. This is a mount for small riders.


Silt Skimmers
Silt skimmer A typical silt skimmer features a broad hull and outsized wheels, designed as a cargo vehicle in nature. It rides 10ft above the ground and is powered by large sails. There is also muscle powered capstans to rotate the wheels. It’s most efficient in flat open terrain, but can also make it’s way through silt or dust sinks up to 15ft deep.

Sand Skiff
This light wedge shaped vehicle has three wheels and a single sail, designed for a single rider. Propelled by the wind, and skiffs make excellent speed in flat open terrain.


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